I talked to someone today I haven’t seen in 2 years. He is a great human, sweet as can be. He said he heard my sister died and how sorry he was. Then asked if she’d had underlying issues. When I responded he commented that made sense and You’re the only person I know who has had someone die. I know he meant well but… I gently explained to him that she did everything right and she was in a happy space and could have lived many more years. 💔 Please don’t diminish our loved ones death or our grief by justifying their dying. Regardless of intent it’s a stab to the heart. My sister could have lived another 15 or more years. “Underlying issues” was a term created to justify the millions of deaths. It makes it more palatable to society and intent in my mind was to sugar coat the seriousness and justify not heading warnings. We don’t use that bs saying when our loved ones dies from cancer or other diseases. I guess my soapbox lecture is say your sorry or I don’t know what to say or something along those lines. Please don’t justify their deaths while you are consoling us. And now true to form I’m feeling guilty and like an ass for saying anything. I HATE I am afraid to say anything for fear of hurting someone

Posted by theresalynn64 at 2022-06-29 20:04:50 UTC