Hi. I’m Robin. I lost my mom 9/11/2021 completely unexpectedly from a massive brain bleed that shifted her brain in her skull. When she was lucid, she tried to talk like usual but no real words came out. She was a vibrant, gregarious, articulate, creative, giving, loving woman of 84. She was in a hospice care home for 2 weeks before she passed with me by her side. None of my 4 siblings came from out of state to see her. I was left to deal with her local affairs as I lived in the same town. Most of my siblings criticized me and my reports on her health and prognosis in those two weeks. One was downright mean to me, cruel mindgames. Since her death, my siblings have pulled away from me. My 2 sisters told me to leave them alone and have blocked me. My brothers don’t want to hear how I’m feeling or doing. My dad is in an Alzheimer’s care home and doesn’t know who I am. I feel like I lost my whole family and I did my best, did nothing to hurt anyone intentionally. Unlike some of them. I went back to work after 2 weeks bereavement to a very high stress toxic job and started having major cognitive and memory issues. Clients weren’t understanding. I’d been sick all of 2021 and still worked but no one cared I wasn’t well. Or grieving. I’ve been on medical leave since March 2022 because my job performance was dropping and I didn’t want to get fired. I meed to find a new job when I return and am so deeply lost, alone, confused, distracted, upside down that I don’t know what work I can or Want to do. Mostly I deeply miss my mom every single day. She would help me through this. She would love me unconditionally. She would never have let my siblings throw me under the bus and drive over me. Sorry for the length. Thanks for the add.

Posted by birrrdegg at 2022-06-29 17:00:53 UTC