My sister died traumatically, she jumped of a bridge and was successful in ending her life after 16 tries to end her life. We got the news from the police and I froze, I wasn’t the same again. I have witnessed her attempts with overdoses and self harm and many hospital stays and visits and police officers knocking at our door. I grew up with a rather narcissistic parent and absent father and other stuff that happened to me as well however I only had my sister, we were very close. She died and most of me died with her, I’m rather delusional and still believe she’s here when she isn’t, I don’t want to believe it. I was young griever so it was around the time of exams and I ended up having a lot of time of school but I slowly got back into it and it was very challenging. Everyday had been a challenge especially when she died, every night I just wished I would see her and talk to her and sometimes wish I would die in my sleep so can see her again. If you believe in ghosts or spirits, I have felt her presence and I was told she is my guardian.

Posted by arlohudson13 at 2024-03-04 04:21:43 UTC