Hi! I didn’t think I would do something like this so long after losing my dad but I miss him so much today and he’s all I can think about. He lost his battle with addiction in 2020 when I was 24 (great year) and I had a really strained relationship with him since about 9 years before that. I think the biggest thing that’s so upsetting is that it feels like no one understands (ashaMed to feel this though because I know it’s not true). My siblings are both much older with their own families and I feel like I am/was in such a more vulnerable place since I was just coming into adulthood. My brother was still so angry with him when he died and says he feels nothing about it, whereas my sister and I were working on rebuilding our relationships with him at the time of his death and were openly very upset. I guess it just feels isolating and like no one ~completely~ understands where I’m coming from. None of my friends have experienced the loss of a parent, which is great for them, but I guess I don’t feel like I have anyone I can turn to. Sorry for rambles

Posted by Deleted (4a4cce20) at 2022-06-29 03:21:03 UTC