Hello! I’m here because I lost my dad seven months ago and as it is obvious for us but not for other people: life was never the same. I’m still struggling a lot but I don’t think people around me realise how much. It still crosses my mind to call him just out of the blue. I’m learning to live with this pain of losing my dad at 25. He wasn’t the best dad but he was mine. Now I’m dealing with the trauma he left. I don’t talk about him anymore. Don’t know if anyone relates but I’m just tired of talking. I was in a really dark place the first few months. I’m better today but I stopped talking about it because it seems like no one wants to listen. So I turned to myself and made a home out of me. I was left with a tone of admin stuff which is quite heavy and none of my friends understand nor how hard it is to keep going with such a weight on you of decisions you did not make. I don’t know. I think I’ll be a bit sad forever but I’m rebuilding myself and learning who is this new Marta. Sending you all love x

Posted by martaa-moreira at 2022-06-28 13:47:57 UTC