My big sister died last August so tomorrow will be the first birthday I’ve ever experienced without her. A big part of me wants nothing more than to sleep the day away—pay no mind to the first of who knows how many birthdays without her. But then the guilt hits. How can I wish the day away when she doesn’t even have the luxury of making a choice like that anymore? How can I be anything but grateful to be alive? Her & I had never been strangers to loss in our lives but I would’ve never guessed that I’d only get twenty five birthdays with her. Everything is empty without her & I try so hard to live life well enough for the both of us now that she’s gone but my god, it’s excruciating. This is my first post here & I’m sorry it’s probably just a jumbled, stream of consciousness mess but my heart aches tonight & I didn’t know where else to put it. I miss you so much, Sissy. ‘Til we meet again🖤

Posted by m.gromelski17 at 2022-06-28 01:08:33 UTC