Back in October, I got my papa tickets to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers for Christmas. As a kid, me and my brother used to take turns "flying" over his shoulders to the zephyr song. The day of the concert came and tbh I didn't want to go. They were dad's band and without him it just seemed a bit pointless. But I knew that dad would tut and me and tell me to make the most of it so that's what we did. They played his song and I burst into tears. I looked up at the sky to smile at him and I saw a perfect feather shaped cloud over us. Mum's been finding feathers everywhere since he's been gone. I know it's a bit silly and I've been looking for signs, and maybe it doesn't even really look like much of a feather for most people, but to me it was him giving me a little nod. Papa, dancing without you is crap. Thank you for joining me last night xxx

Posted by Holly26 at 2022-06-27 22:33:07 UTC