Hi, I am new here. I wanted to tell you my story. Have been feeling super lonely and i feel like my friends are so scared to talk to me 😢 they keep saying “we are here when you need us” but I don’t have the strength to reaching out. I wish they would ask me about my mum. I lost my mum the on the 3/4/2022 due to a sudden heart attack while she was in the hospital waiting for a femur surgery. She also had Parkinson disease. She was fine before covid, then with the isolation and everything else, it got so much worse she couldn’t leave her bed for months. I am based in London but from Italy, so me and my sister struggled so much organising all the help with the careers from here. We also lost our dad 20 years ago to suicide, (which i am pretty sure i never really processed as i was only 16), and my sister is pretty much the only family i have left-close friends aside, which I consider family. As the cherry on the cake, we also had to sell our family house to repay all the loans i had to get to take care of her. It feels so weird not to have a home in your home country anymore. I am not ready for therapy yet, but I think to find a place where my pain is understood is already a big step forward. My mum name was Rosanna🖤. If someone has a similar experience or is open for a chat let me know. Thank you for reading this far x

Posted by Egle at 2022-06-27 22:08:24 UTC