Hi I posted in child loss but Maghan …my daughter…had just turned 20. It took 4years to conceive a miracle. I had hysterectomy when I was 29, she was 18months. My ex, daughter who was 6 at the time and I had joined a religious cult…was part of it for 16years. Found out ex had been with over 500 women since we met and he was also bisexual and a pedophile. Actually had to go to court because ex’s step brother turned ex into child services for sexually abusing her. He got off! Daughter started acting so different after all came out. Ex and I separated and ex moved in with who he ended up marrying. I went away for the week, Maghan chose to stay home during Christmas. I came home and found her passed in her bedroom. Police wouldn’t let me back into my house for days…so I went to my sisters. We had been encouraged not to be around family so it was strained…I had no friends outside of the cult, no family and the cult was beginning to shun me because I hadn’t done what they told me to do like put Maghan on the streets! So, anyway I didn’t have the support of anyone I knew… 17 years later, I am having all these memories and feelings and hurt. I had just sailed through most of the grieving process. I had even remarried. Now, there’s anger, disbelief, therapists, I’ve actually have processed…not all, but a good beginning . Maghan was my miracle baby and I am very blessed to have carried her and had her in my life for 20 years . She died from an accidental drug overdose.

Posted by catloayru at 2024-02-20 13:38:37 UTC