I have never felt so hollow. I’m typically not one to reach out, but, I can sense myself becoming more and more inward and isolated. This seemed a good place to start in perhaps learning to navigate this new life. My husband of eight years was murdered on his birthday 8 months ago. We had been arguing the day before all day. We spent the last few months of his life mostly arguing and in hindsight, I wasn’t being compassionate or supportive to him. I was holding onto a lot of resentment stemming from things that had happened over the last three years of our relationship and had asked he move out for awhile. I wonder if I hadn’t of asked this, if he would still be alive, as him moving out set off a chain of events that I strongly feel eventually led to him dying. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. How do I process life without him? Although we were experiencing some problems, I loved him with my entire heart and now living has become so autonomic.

Posted by welchj97 at 2024-02-16 03:53:04 UTC