My mom has come to visit for the week. It always makes me miss my dad even more. I think what’s hurting the most now is seeing who she has become…it’s not necessarily this overt change now being 9 months without the love of her life but now I sense a deep emptiness, this feeling of a lack of direction…as anyone grieving, she’s just trying to survive each day, it’s just hard to watch that and know that there is nothing you can do to lighten her burden. I miss my mom being my mom, sometimes I feel like I’m mothering her these days. And I would spend a million years doing this if I had to because she’s my mom and I adore her but it’s tough to not feel that same mother/daughter connection like I did before. Prayers this will be a fun and relaxing week for her🙏🏻 our hearts need healing and rest…I hope we both experience moments of joy this week.

Posted by Newella at 2022-06-27 03:00:13 UTC