How do you deal with trauma memories? I joined this app because my dad died August 28th 2021 , it’s been hard without him. But I also lost my mom. May 12 2001. My mother’s life ended due to her alcohol addiction. When I was in high school, I watched my mother change and shift in front of me and the addiction controlling her life . I have many trauma memories, thought shadows of that trauma and it hits me at random times . Like yesterday. I’ve been stressed lately , missing my dad and very stressed with work and wanting to quit for my mental sanity, but at the end of the day I do not know what to do. Yesterday I wanted alcohol, I wanted to feel happy and sleepy for a couple of hours. So I went to liquid store , I stared and stood there in front of the wine and had an internal argument with myself and I walked out of store. I didn’t buy anything but for hours afterwards I was mad at myself that I thought alcohol was an option. A trauma bomb hit me hard

Posted by sadieemily at 2022-06-26 16:31:19 UTC