Today marks 6 months that my brother is gone. I have no idea how I'm still going forward. 6 months without laughing, 6 months of crying, 6 months without my best friend. I miss him profoundly and figuring out who I am without Christopher is not my idea of life. He was supposed to be here so we could move to another state. Be here so I can see him be a first time dad to his child that's about to be born. I didn't even get the chance to congratulate him and thank him for making me a first time titi. I didn't know my time with him was going to be cut short because if I did, I would have lived more while he was alive, instead of feeling like dying now that he's left me alone in this stupid world. I'll never be the same and I don't want to deal with the world alone, without my brother. The pain of missing him is crushing my soul.

Posted by JenniferEM at 2022-06-25 13:16:13 UTC