Something that I’m trying to not let bother me is the fact that I haven’t cried at all since Mom passed this past November. I know at the time it was due to the abuse I was being subjected to by my brother and Dad. I was on high alert and growing up crying only brought threats of more punishment or getting verbally abused. So I know that factored in. Now, I know it’s safer and I’ve gotten close a couple times but still. I hope I can get to that point, but a friend did tell me that things didn’t hit them for a couple of months after their loss. No tears, then a couple of months later the tears hit hard. I’m giving myself permission to feel things, so I’m hoping in time I’ll be able to simply break down. I know there’s benefits to crying and yet…yeah. Yay childhood trauma?

Posted by hollandc7 at 2024-02-01 05:07:05 UTC