Hello all. I am on here because. Yesterday, June 23, 2022 I lost my uncle. It's a special kind of loss, particularly because I grew up in foster care with the same foster care family, which my uncle was a part of. He was one person that gave me so much love and acceptance, which can be hard for foster kids to feel. We're told from very young not to get attached to our foster families, because they aren't ours. But my uncle was mine. And I'm still in shock and at a loss over his death. I was looking forward to getting to know him as an adult, and in one instant, that has been taken away from me. I've been working hard over the last several years, to be more communicative with people in my life, and be more open and vulnerable with my emotions and feelings. But I find this hard to do right now, and so I decided to find an app that has an open community like this one, and maybe work on my grief in this way first.

Posted by elliem at 2022-06-24 20:08:44 UTC