Evening everyone ❤️ I’ve had a good week. Been away with my babies to the Lake District and they’ve been so happy and full of love that it’s made me happy too. Came home today and I can’t help but feel like I’ve been thrust straight back into loneliness and sadness. I missed Russ every time the girls smiled or played or made a new memory on holiday but I didn’t let it overwhelm me because I was so glad they were happy. I do feel like since being back though (which has only been a few hours) I’ve felt my mood lower and my habit of making myself keep busy creeping straight back. I’ve already washed and dried the holiday washing and I’m planning my day tomorrow so I don’t have the time to sit and wallow because I can literally feel myself sinking. I get time to reflect and I think about all the things he’s missing out on and especially when I have such a lovely time with the kids - he should have been there! He should have seen them swimming and playing and having fun and just being happy! 😢 and it just absolutely breaks my heart again and again! I hope everyone has had an okay week and feels the best they can. Sending love to anyone who needs it. Attached is a picture of my beautiful babies enjoying their holiday. I hope it makes you smile ❤️

Posted by MrsG at 2022-06-24 18:10:18 UTC