Today is #internationalwidowsday2022 something which I never thought or never wanted to be a part of. However, my path in life has brought me here. Rather than wallow in the sadness of what’s happened with yet another reminder of the fact he‘s gone, I wanted to share something as the reason for why or who makes me a widow. This is Patrick and I, Christmas 2021. I’d bought him a matalan jumper (all he ever wore was his redbull work gear - the trousers are actually his ‘smart’ work ones) and my favourite novelty Christmas pudding hat. 1. This is us, completely infatuated with each other and smiling because of how in love we are and that we’d found each other 🥰 2. Classic ‘asking for a nice photo to send to our families’ and getting well you can see on his face what I got 😂 3. The love he had for me was genuine and this girl has never been loved like that - he taught me what it’s like to be truly loved and adored and believe me the feelings were reciprocated ❤️ He was my rock, my world, my everything and that’s why I’m a widow now. ‘Factually’ it’s because he’s died and ‘technically’ I might not be one because he was never my husband but to me he was everything a husband should be, just life didn’t allow us that chance. I’m a widow because I loved and was loved unconditionally and my grief now is all the love I have for him which will last forever but has no where to go. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return…💛” Love you Schatz - until the stars grow cold 💫

Posted by kkippax at 2022-06-23 20:27:50 UTC