Hi - I’m new to this app, but sadly not new to the grief club. I’m so sad I’m here, but I’m glad there’s a safe space we can all go to. I lost my sister when I was 14, and I lost my brother when I was 25 - I’m now 27 and feel like my life is over. 😔 Everything has changed and I feel like my life isn’t mine anymore, I can’t live where I want to because I have to support my parents and I don’t know if I could face being away from them. I can’t hold a job as well as I used to because of my MH + grief, and a lot of my friendships have crumbled as well as my wider family dynamic completely breaking down. I’m so heartbroken, depressed and lost, it’s my brothers birthday tomorrow, he would have been 26. 26!! It’s so young, my sisters death was somewhat expected yet still a sudden shock, but I should have never lost my brother and I’m so angry about it. I’ve never ranted like this on socials to strangers! So thank you for reading, I’m quite nervous to post!

Posted by Siblingloss1 at 2022-06-23 18:28:18 UTC