Dated my first love in high school/university for a year. We were incredibly in love but both had issues resulting in a toxic relationship and I broke up with him because I thought we both needed to focus on ourselves for a while. We had just slowly started talking and hanging out again when he suddenly died in a car accident 8 months later. His death was traumatic from what I’ve heard which breaks my heart. Never got to tell him that I was still in love with him and still saw a future with him. At the time he was the first and only person I’d ever dated. This was 5 years ago and I’m still grieving him. I’ve been in other relationships since but ours is still the longest and strongest. We didn’t really have any mutual friends so it can be lonely grieving him. Sometimes I feel like everyone has moved on and I’m still stuck. Still feel guilt, love, anger, sadness etc. I still miss him. There are things only he understood about me. None of my friends have experienced young loss. Just want to say that your complicated grief is so valid!❤️

Posted by Coco_12 at 2024-01-15 21:18:59 UTC