It's early morning, where I am and I woke up just to get water. I heard sobbing from my mum's room so I decided to go check on her and there she was crying to herself. It has been almost 1 and half years since we lost dad and as hard as it is to process this reality, it gets harder to see your mum fall apart. Every time I feel like we are close to getting better at accepting this reality, events like this break my heart all over again. My mum and dad had an amazing and loving relationship. I try very hard to keep her happy and not lonely but I can never replace the comfort she had with dad and I totally understand that. But times like these make you feel so powerless as you can't get back what you lost and you can't help who is hurting. I know my mum misses him a lot, I miss him a lot. Not sure if it will ever get even a little better.

Posted by Kritika17 at 2022-06-23 00:31:02 UTC