Ugh.... It almost feels rehearsed now when I tell my story and the main reason for that is because ( as I'm about to tell you guys) my partner and I met and lived together in the US and noone here in the UK got the chance to meet or even find out about my soulmate ( almost) so the edited version is that we met in 2017 in the US ( my reason for being there is a whole other story which I'm sure I'll talk about in time ) we despite fighting it fell deeply head over heels for each other and after a short time moved in together and were blissfully happy untill due 2 my overstating my vacation visa on a random traffic stop and I.D check I was sent to jail while I waited 2 be deported ( which took 3 long months) of course we were devastated but determined it would not brake us so after only seeing each other over WhatsApp ( which we did 24/7 we even slept on video together) for 2 long years we finally had everything in order Will had his passport finally and we found a cheap online company to book a flight what we didn't no was this company was a scam online company and they had stolen our money so after again saving up the money which took about another 6 to 7 months he was then booked on a flight 2 me here in the UK for the 31st of last August...... I lost him just days before on the 27th of last August . 6 days before his flight he started getting very unwell and ended up in hospital the very next morning he was unconscious and on a ventilator and 1 by 1 his liver , kidney's his heart in fact all his organs were shutting down and there was nothing the doctors could do untill finally I had to watch over video call as my whole world took his last breath i carnt explain the pain and it's still like it happened this morning i miss him so much I'm in a very dark place I mwn especially to go through all we fort together for just to have it all snatched away just days b4 we were finally back together it just feels so unfair .

Posted by lostsouldarkangel100 at 2022-06-22 19:02:57 UTC