I wish for star dust or a sign to let me know my beloved husband is ok above, missing his laughter, jokes & everything about him, even the annoying difficult moments we’d shared during our life together. I ask myself ever day if there was something I could have done to prevent his sudden death. We were married twice, the first Nigel had totally arranged, getting a special licence, contacting close family, my best friends, a hairdresser, florist, restaurant & order a cake, he then surprised me two days before our civil ceremony with an invite he’d left in Kitchen with post, he’d even booked a date to fit into my busy work schedule. All I was advised to do was design a wedding outfit, get it made & go to florist to choose my flowers. We then organised a second 💒 wedding 5 months later together, with all our families & many guest present.

Posted by Susan-Barrie at 2022-06-22 11:00:11 UTC