Hi everyone. I lost my son during labour on 21st of May, 2022. He was my first baby. He was about 23 weeks but measuring small. A perfect 450g and 30cm. His heartbeat stayed strong and he tried so hard, but he was breech and my body wasn’t ready for him following a very very short and very intense labour. He ended up having to be born while I was under GA after serious medical intervention which was quite horrific. The staff tried so hard for us, they were so amazing. I’m struggling a lot. A few years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and though I had medication to help preserve my eggs, my egg count was very low. My sweet boy was a bit of a miracle and I’m not sure we will get the chance again. I didn’t know I could love someone so much until it was too late. I just miss him so much. And feel like nothing can go right. We have had so many losses and hard times as a family, my beautiful boy was a ray of light for everyone. I feel like I let everyone down. We get test results back in August but that’s so far away :( I’m really glad I found this community 💕

Posted by Vicky23 at 2022-06-22 08:46:19 UTC