Last Friday I was supposed to have lunch with my Dad and brother before the latter went back home out of state, as well as to spend time with Dad since I didn’t get to spend time with him on Christmas Day. On Thursday my brother starts texting me saying we’d have to cancel lunch as he was having to finish getting Dad’s care sorted. My response was to be flexible and willing to get together afterwards. Three times this happened. I went to my parent’s house at the time specified and my brother wasn’t there. He was on a hike. He’d lied to me about what he and Dad were to be doing, and I don’t even know if Dad knew. While I was visiting with Dad he asked if I wanted any of Mom’s art. I wasn’t even going to ask, so when he offered I said yes. I chose three pieces, one of which I knew my brother was a bit possessive of. I knew he planned on taking some art home with him, so I decided to wait until he got back to secure his ok. When I did ask him when he got home, he said he had the original at his place so I could take it. Which I did. Well, he has since changed his mind and demanded I give it back so he can give it to a friend of his. Something he’d had nearly a month of time to do while he was here. He made false accusations and said if I didn’t return it I’d be a thief. I proceeded to point out that he’d lied three times about getting together with Dad, and if he hadn’t wanted for me to take the piece he should have said so when I asked. In this case, he was being the thief on top of being a liar once again. He then started making personal attacks against my beliefs that had nothing to do with the conversation at all. I proceeded to call his projecting exactly what it was and how he was totally NOT living as Mom had taught us to live. Said he should take a look in the mirror as to why I went no contact with him over six years ago. I finished by saying unless it directly involves Dad’s care to never contact me again. That Mom had said we’d need to work together on that to me for years and it looks like she needed to tell him that even more. He’s back out of my life, but I don’t know how it’s going to affect things between Dad and I moving forward. I cant care too much as my Dad hasn't respected me that much anyways. i'm keeping the painting though right now some of my joy in deciding where to hang it has been diminished. He stole letting me honor Mom at her funeral and he wont steal anything more from me ever again. Oy I can't wait to start therapy to heal from his poison

Posted by hollandc7 at 2024-01-04 23:01:09 UTC