Hi my name is Helen. Two and a half years ago I lost the love of my life to cancer. One minute he was fit and healthy, eight and a half months later he was gone. We’d know each other since school in the mid eighties and became best friends in our 20’s. We finally got our act together in 2018 when he told me it was me all along, I was the one. Christmas of that year he became unwell and being Lyndon it was late January (2019) before I could get him to see the GP. Within days we got the devastating news he had advanced small cell lung cancer. His oncologist told us without treatment he had 3 weeks, with chemo they’d try and get him 9 months. This beautiful man fought hard to give us a bit of extra time. We got engaged in the March but sadly didn’t manage to get married. He died 10 days before his 52nd birthday.

Posted by Helen Brookes at 2022-06-21 14:14:45 UTC