6 years ago I went no contact with my toxic brother. My Dad has Alzheimer’s. When Mom encountered complications after her knee replacement surgery my brother came to town. I lifted the no contact boundary as coming together to support Mom’s recovery was the priority. Brother got made the primary medical contact somehow (before he came we were both getting updates). The Sunday before she passed we were talking about getting her into a rehab place; Tuesday the decision was made to put her on comfort care so she could pass without pain. Not 20 minutes after my brother launched into me, falsely accusing me of things, making things he was able to do because his finances allowed it a point against me. He went on to make sure I wasn’t included in any of the funeral planning or doing anything at the funeral beyond attending. I created a private event on Facebook so I could eulogize her. I’ve been on edge ever since. I was the only one with Mom when she passed. Our last spoken words were I love you. My brother finally left this past Saturday and I’m trying to figure out how to let myself grieve. I’m meeting Dad for lunch tomorrow and he’s asking me to return things I was given or asked to get. I was by myself for Christmas as supposedly the friend who invited my Dad and brother over didn’t have enough room for me. My brother lied to keep me from having lunch with Dad the day before my brother left when he could have simply bowed out and let me have some time with Dad. We got to visit, but my brother’s lies tainted the day. I miss Mom. We had healed in our relationship and my brother tried to steal it away while making himself into some sort of tragic hero. When it was never a contest with Mom. She loves the both of us, but only one of us got to do something publicly for her. Thanks for listening; this hurts more than it should

Posted by hollandc7 at 2024-01-02 03:33:49 UTC