It feels like I’ve lost everything this year. I know I haven’t ‘literally’ lost everything. It’s more like a car with no wheels; the car exists with crucial and necessary parts, but having lost the wheels, it’s lost its function. I have no wheels. 2023 was cruel and punishing. Some punishment well deserved. Some, not so much. The last four months have been the worst of my entire life. I’ve never felt so low or so lonely. I lost the two people I love and care about the most - my partner ended things, and my grandma died. My partner ended things the same day I said my last goodbye to my gram. Further, I’ve lost my community here. Due to some things related to my partner, I have lost my social circle. It’s complicated, but I made a mistake that caused my partner a lot of pain. And this has resulted in my social circle as me being effectively ousted. I have nobody. It feels like I have nothing. I’ve never felt so absolutely hopeless. I’ve never been so devastated in my life.

Posted by shane.r at 2024-01-01 22:32:50 UTC