Lost my dad to cancer 5 months ago. The last 2 weeks of his life were a nightmare. Huge falling out with half of my family including a physical assault on me. I keep struggling with feeling like I should have done more to prevent the falling out and the assault. I know the family have made me out as the villain. I’m not allowed to know where my dad’s ashes are or have access to any of my childhood pictures, mementos, etc that are in his house. I’m sure the family would say I only need to ask but that feels like gaslighting and manipulation on their part to get me to make contact with them. I haven’t spoken to them since the falling out including at the memorial service where I was only briefly mentioned. For background, I was very close to my dad and I think in a way they resent that. Everything was fine between me and my dad before his death.

Posted by anonymously yours at 2023-12-29 05:59:48 UTC