Yesterday was my first Father’s Day without my best friend. My dad was literally everything and more to me. I was his only daughter and little princess, our bond was incomparable to anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I lost him due to covid-19 last year, and it’ll be a year next month. I’ve been so off balance in my life since I lost him because I feel like I lost my compass, best friend and guide. I know we speak of (they are always there, in our hearts) but I really just don’t take that statement well because they aren’t here. I want to hug him, laugh with him, go on walks with him, call him and talk to him. I need him here. I understand he’s gone but I wish he wasn’t. Soooo yesterday was a bit of a bummer, but yeah I’m struggling more than I lead on to my family and friends. Also, I wish I could see him in my dreams, I haven’t dreamt of him vividly since his passing and that hurts a little because at least I’d know he is watching me?

Posted by Eline at 2022-06-20 05:59:39 UTC