I did not lose my husband to death but a divorce; he meant everything to me even though my friends and family have a different point of view as to how he treated me and never appreciated me. Its almost going to be four years since the unforeseen divorce at my end but I am still unable to let him go. Makes me wonder if something like eternal love actually exists? This time of the year is especially hard on me since then..I need to pull up myself somehow for our 10 year old son! Awful thing is that I thought I was doing better and all of a sudden after watching a not-so-very romantic movie; all of it has come back to me whereas he remarried, has another baby and has divorced his second wife too. However, on the other end I cannot even imagine myself to give any man that space I had for him..just unfortunate I guess!

Posted by Beentee at 2023-12-22 21:21:31 UTC