I was compelled to light a candle for him...before I tore up copies of his legal docs (will, power of attorney, etc.) today, on Father's Day of all days. I didn't intentionally plan to do it today. It was all coincidental to be honest (though I'm of the don't-believe-in-coincidences camp), as I've been in home-decluttering mode for the past month, and today the project to tackle was my motley bit of paperwork, forgetting that his legal docs were buried at the bottom of the stack; I guess it was supposed to happen like this. And in perfect timing, my mom happened to call me randomly minutes before I did it too. I asked her if it was okay first, because...I wasn't sure- was I about to commit a cosmic betrayel of some sort? I was logical in my reasoning to dispose of it (legalities have run their course, and they're just copies afterall). We agreed on the logic, and she assured me she was keeping the originals: they'll still exist somewhere, even if they've run their course. It comforted me. I touched the copies of his signatures and where my mom was referenced by him as "wife". I cried for them, and their shared love, and his kindness. It occured to me that I still have an unsent Father's Day card I bought for him years ago, specially for "Step-Dad", with a beautiful message that came with it. I'm not exactly sure why I never sent it. Maybe I'll write him a message in it tonight. Maybe that's why I still have it.....because it was supposed to happen like this.

Posted by Joj at 2022-06-20 03:31:13 UTC