Hello, my name is Sandra, my partner of 10 years died of a heart attack on 2 December 2021, he was alone in the street, near home early morning. He was49 years old. He had been suffering from mental health problems which were spiraling in November, sadly he did not see this and did not receive help he badly needed. He was the kindest most beautiful man, with a great sense of humour and fun and also the most sensitive soul. We shared quiet times and adventures together. He adored cooking and loved making people happy entertaining. Sometimes I can't quite believe he has gone, other times the pain of not having him here is overwhelming. I believe he has not left my side in spirit. This comforts me when I feel stronger. Grief truely comes in waves, i read this and now i live it. Thank you for having me in this community.

Posted by mcpherson_sandra at 2022-06-19 10:08:59 UTC