Hi all, new here, I lost my mum unexpectedly back in October, she would text me every day and this particular day she did, but somehow I didn’t see the message, I must have opened it when half asleep, it was a uni day so always in a mad rush that day, The next day arrived and in the afternoon I got a phone call from her care team saying they couldn’t get in and no answer, I didn’t worry at that moment because my mum always had a day of not texting or having a rest because she was always fatigued, so I said I would ring my partner because he had my key for her flat and get him to go down, So I rang him and explained and then I started to panic.. it had been 10/15 minutes since he’d set off from work and I know it doesn’t take that long because it’s not far from home or my mums, then the phone rings and my heart and stomach fell to the floor because I knew as soon as I answer he would say she was gone, and my gut was right, His words were ‘I’m so sorry babe but she’s gone’ he had to go because he had the ambulance team turn up and I just walked out my house and went next door (brother-in-laws house) leaving my kids inside, And that’s it.. I cried for a few days after and the funeral and when I went to see her but now I’m numb, I’m angry and bitter and I don’t think I have fully accepted it, And then this year 7th January my lovely nan passed away, she had Alzheimer’s and at the age of 83 nearly 84 she gave up her fight.. and with me not accepting and fully grieving for my mum I haven’t grieved for my Nan, Sorry for the essay, Kim :)

Posted by Kim at 2022-06-19 07:04:06 UTC