I consider myself a very lucky woman because I have received many blessings throughout my life, but nothing compares to having him and being able to enjoy so many happy moments with him. Loving him has definitely been the best thing that could have happened to me; His kindness, happiness, joy, patience, honesty, willingness to help, great sense of humor, respect, brilliant mind, hard working attitude and unconditional love will accompany me forever and give me the serenity I need to go on. When I saw him the first time at the airport, all the broken pieces inside me got glued together; his touch cured every scar left in me; his voice was the lullaby that kept me calm; his smile was the ray of sun that lighted up my days and his eyes were the most beautiful landscape I loved to get lost in. Love grew everywhere he went. Rimie, I loved you since the very first day and I eternally will ❤️ I miss you.

Posted by mariacamila at 2022-06-19 01:19:02 UTC