My Dad died on Saturday 12th June 2021, My Mum died on 13th June 2002, my sister Karen from terminal cancer in October 2000 and my 82 years old best friend Roger Wilkins died on 13th April 2020 from a non-covid related illness. I'm a disabled man of 52 years of age. I have a nephew who is my beautiful sister's son Steven who is 29 years old. All we've got is each other. I'm having a very hard time with my mood, my ability to look after myself and eating and drinking properly leaving me quite seriously dehydrated and possibly malnourished. It's very hard and very painful for me. I pray that my family are in a better place. My family aren't one hundred percent religious but I try to do my part and read the bible but my anhedonia and apathy makes it very hard. My Disabilities are Asperger Syndrome and bipolar 2 disorder and type 2 diabetes and very high blood pressure and dyscalculia arithmetical learning disability

Posted by ihaveaspergersyndrome1970 at 2022-06-17 21:12:03 UTC