My Dad and I in 2015. I have more photos of him in my photo album, though I hidden them. It’s hard to look at them and he’s not here. My Dad and Mom (she died in 2007) adopted my twin sister and I when we were 5.5 years old. My biological mom died after I was born and my biological dad was older though he give us up because he couldn’t take care of us, but he knew a family would take care and love us, unconditionally. I lost two set of parents, one I didn’t know though loved us enough to have another family to love us. Thank you for kinds and encouraging words. Ido not know how to reply back to the lovely commenters on my recent post. I’m still learning how to navigate this app which I’m grateful. I just finished editing the second photo today: Lyrics are from Dancing With Your Ghost by Sasha Alex Sloan. Interpret the lyrics differently I stay up all night Tell myself I'm alright Baby, you're just harder to see than most I put the record on Wait 'til I hear our song Every night I'm dancing with your ghost Every night I'm dancing with your ghost Never got the chance To say a last goodbye I gotta move on But it hurts to try How do I love How do I love again? How do I trust How do I trust again? — Thank you. 💞 Sara and Rufus 🐾🐕‍🦺 the service dog

Posted by Sara and Rufus at 2022-06-17 19:21:40 UTC