Hi I'm Lucy and I'm new here 👋 I lost my mum in November 21 quite suddenly (I think) she was taken into hospital in September with Covid but she was doing OK....she declined in hospital and we were told on the 3rd of November that her treatment options had run out and she would need palliative end of life care...she died on the 5th. She had her 60th birthday in hospital and there were so many failings in hospital that I just can't process what has happened at all. She wasn't ill...she was getting better...she didn't have huge underlying health issues...I just don't understand how she isn't here anymore. I'm a shell of who I was before..I don't know how to exist anymore without knowing she's here. We didn't have the most perfect relationship and that fills me with guilt too. But I have an amazing nearly 2 year old boy who she absolutely adored but didn't see enough at all because of stupid covid. Sorry I seem to have ranted..not sure what the point of this is...maybe just to say hi and connect with anyone who may be going through something similar 🤷‍♀️❤️ I'm having a really tough time at the minute and not sure where else to turn.

Posted by LucyW89 at 2022-04-11 21:23:22 UTC