I stumbled upon this app on Instagram, and first, I thought it was an app for break up mostly but now that I familiarized myself with it, it looks like it’s more or less only for people who actually had someone die on them. I feel quite uncomfortable speaking about a break up here since I can’t find anyone else going through breakups, although in my situation she could be dead. To be honest it would be similar because she just vanished from my life. It was a very complicated relationship, with trauma being triggered on my side and on her side. It was a beautiful connection the deepest one I’ve experienced so far we said we would do this in the long run, but she vanished and told me all kinds of lies, and later, she told me they weren’t lies. We had the same dreams for the future how we would wanna live rooting, making a family how we would like to bring up our children. very similar values. Now it’s been about a year and a half and we haven’t really had any conduct just some quite random interaction. I don’t feel seen or heard at all by her which was something in our relationship that was very important that after any kind of argument, we would sit down and see and hear each other. Last winter I went to therapy and spoke lots and lots about this, but I’m just still struggling. I was so sure this is the woman I’m gonna make children with this is the woman I’m gonna marry. I’m very sorry if someone is offended by me, posting something like this here, but it says we all grieve in our own way and I feel this is acceptable here and perhaps there even could be a group for these kinds of very difficult break ups, which seem much like someone would’ve died

Posted by Bobwood at 2023-11-29 14:23:31 UTC