I just joined this app. I have had struggles at how to go through grief. I am in therapy, but I don't know how to talk about it. I mean - I can talk about it, but as if I was talking about any other thing. The only time I can connect to my feelings, is by looking at my dad's photos, and thats when the pain hits me. We didn't have the best relationship in the end, and it hurts me to this day that I didn't get to fix it before it was too late. I was grieving losing my dad before even knowing the cancer had spread, because our relationship got cut off by him. I was too scared to ever contact him, other than sending a letter - which he never replied to. Funeral was last month, and it felt so surreal. I kept looning for him in the crowd. I hope I get to process this here more. In my city, there isn't any grief groups of any kind.

Posted by lauraellenelisabet at 2022-06-17 10:43:58 UTC