In May of 2021 my fiancé was diagnosed with cancer. Within a month of starting chemo, things changed so drastically. Being he was 6’2 and almost 300lbs, it was difficult to see him lose so much weight so fast. He passed away in March of this year. Seeing someone that you love with all your heart trying to be so strong and fight this thing you have no control over, just brings me to tears every time I think about how good he was doing. He was getting better. I keep on asking myself “what happened?” what could I have done better? I play that night over and over in my head … That night was different. It wasn’t like the other times we rushed him to the ER. It still feels so unreal. I still feel numb, and. incomplete. I’ve never felt the emptiness and complete loneliness driving home without him that early morning. He had asked me one time this past year… “Do you still want to marry me?” I said of course silly … your stuck with me.. I’m never going to leave you … I guess I wasn’t prepared for him leaving me.. I tell him every day “ you weren’t suppose to leave me” Ohh how much I miss him ❤️

Posted by maruski at 2022-06-17 08:30:58 UTC