Grief. . Five letters joined together to make a word. A word that rocks worlds, changes lives, causes unimaginable anguish, leaves devastation and changes the receiver almost unrecognisable even to themselves. For those who have yet to experience Grief it's beyond their understanding and so it should be. Their words, whilst well meant, often said with love and hurt for us mearly elicit a lackluster response. For how can they know, the tsunami Grief brings, possibly understand. Try as they might its an impossible task. We who are living in this new and uncharted world cannot explain. Grief is unexplainable. Yes there is much information available to us. Books explain the stages of Grief. Blogs, groups, councillors Internet none of it really gets Grief. Grief is so very much a personal journery that it is impossible to explain. What I might feel someone else does not and so each day passes all grieving for a loved one all united but seperate. One thing amongst all this tangle of emotion is, for me and I hope others, the certainty that a new, different life must be lived to celebrate and honour the life we had and the memory of our loved ones. For them we carry on because without us they are truly dead. Remember all who know Grief. To feel this much means we have loved , been loved and still love and that love remains deep within us and our heart.

Posted by dianna_ellson at 2022-06-17 07:01:36 UTC