So late at night. Maybe I can sleep. Rest may be the next best thing. I fell today. Called my doctor, could not get in till tomorrow, the nurse said Emergency Room. I went. I am not badly injured, bruised, still, hurts. Nothing but acetaminophen for pain. Tylenol? Outside US you call it paracetamol? I am 65 years old. They say falling gets more dangerous as you age. Well. Sleep is not regular in the best of times. I will try to lie still, moving my gluteus maximus (buttocks) where I am bruised will hurt. Two days ago I told my psychiatrist about being alone. He said I should volunteer. He doesn't seem to understand. So I am here. Hello, everyone. I have lost both parents, both and only siblings, boyfriends, friends beginning 30 years ago and last loss was Mom in 2014. I have never married, have no children, no one I feel cares much about me.

Posted by cass2003 at 2022-06-17 04:32:53 UTC