Hi, my name is Marisol and I lost my mom on May 13th to respiratory failure that was caused by cardiogenic shock and renal failure. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 21 years old and she became a survivor but the radiation/chemo caused damage to her organs. She survived 14 years with multiple illnesses. I was always a mommy’s girl but when I gave birth to my son in 2011 our relationship changed. Even though she was ill for quite some time her deterioration happened quickly on May 9th as I was at the hospital all alone. I did have extra time with her earlier this year as I took time off work to nurse her back to health after hospitalization from COVID-19 & diagnosis of pulmonary emboli. It’s been a lot of feelings mostly regret & sadness missing who my mom was before our relationship changed & her illnesses changed her. Regret that she ended up on machines-she never wanted this, regret that I didn’t say more the last time I spoke with her as they wheeled her away for a heart cath & she ended up on a ventilator. I realized I’m the same age my mom was when she lost her mom. My mom and I share the same birthday June 24th and we are celebrating her life on that day with her memorial service. I don’t know how to process this pain

Posted by SummerBby at 2022-06-16 21:08:16 UTC