Hey everyone, it’s my first time posting. 2.5 years ago my Dad died and my world shattered. I’m doing well in life in general but every day I miss him, the grief can be all consuming. So, a few days ago I was on Facebook and decided to see what my past lover had been up to in recent years. I was so in love for years, that love didn’t go away completely, but we both knew it wouldn’t work for so many reasons, but we still loved each other from afar and kept living our separate lives. I scroll down his page and see people posting about missing him then his obituary. It felt like a gut punch, totally unreal…and it happened 2 years ago, just a few months after my Dad had died. I thank God/the universe/whatever that I didn’t know he died when it first happened, I couldn’t have handled that on top of the crushing grief of losing my Dad. I hadn’t seen him or spoken to him in years, but finding out he’s dead has hit me unbelievably hard. He lived a remarkable life and I think he was happy, which I’m so glad about, and it’s just hard knowing he doesn’t exist in this world anymore. It was a complicated relationship, but the feelings were never severed. I was saying just the other day how bad fresh grief is and how I’d never want to go back to that experience I had when Dad died. This isn’t on that level at all, but it’s fresh and it hurts immensely. Idk what I really want out of this post, but if anyone has advice on how to cope with this weird grief, I’d so appreciate it ♥️🕯️

Posted by lbmcdowell07 at 2023-11-21 01:26:16 UTC