Does the heartbreak get less painful at any point? The love of my life passed away unexpected in January 2022 and I have only been on autopilot since then. I literally couldn’t be, just a shell being numb and in pain. Crying all day, anger and self pity and denial. Cancelled everything workrelated for 4 months( I am self employed so I went through my savings) but the work I do reminds me extremely of him. He was the only one who always believed in me, had my back, would build me up then I was down and he was just an angel to everybody because he always helped people. The fact that he always took more care of over people than himself did eventually to his death because he didn’t take the warning signs from his body serious. Or maybe be just didn’t know but I feel extreme guilt that I couldn’t Prevent his death. He was only 38 and just got his life together after dealing with so much toxic and abusive people. I cry because I miss him like nothing else and I also cry for all the things he wanted to do and he was excited about that he can’t do anymore. I miss him so much and I am so grateful that I was honoured enough to have him in my life.

Posted by Klb at 2022-06-16 15:53:55 UTC