Hi everyone! I have lost my 60 years old father a month ago. He had advanced liver cancer and cirrhosis. We found out he had cirrhosis 9 months ago which progressed fastly to cancer. We tried everything but we couldn't save him. The doctors said that is a silent killer, because you only have symptoms when things get really bad. He was always so strong and healthy, he never complained. I could have never imagined he is sick. He was the type of man who doesn't go to the doctor. I feel so bad we didn't force him to go to routine checkups every year. After finding out he is sick he did everything he could to be healthy again. He fighted so bravely. He wanted so badly to live. I am so proud of him. It was so devastating to see him transform from the healthy, always on the move man to a sick and lethargic man. I am very sad and disappointed he doesn't get a second chance. Life is so unfair, he was always kind and lived a healthy lifestyle, didn't smoke or drink, so it was devastating to lose him due to liver cancer since his father is an alcoholic of 89 years old and is still drinking and living. I miss him every day, he was my hero. His passion for gardening, his hard working are things I will always look up to. Here's a picture of us him showing me some herb to collect for a soup.

Posted by amelie28 at 2022-06-16 15:51:03 UTC