Hello everyone, I try and find small positives in every day, even if it’s only to stop myself sinking into a black hole of despair. Today I listen to the birds and watch the sun shine down it’s golden rays, casting shadows and I feel it’s warmth. I haven’t had a particularly bad day, nor have I had a particularly good one. They all seem to blend into one another and, although I find a lot of them hard to even get through, I must find gratitude in being alive, being here, able to create memories and live the life that my wonderful husband was denied. Russ would have wanted me to live, to go on adventures with our babies, to have fun and I know he would have wanted me to be happy. Why wouldn’t he? He loved me. It’s hard, some days, to see any positives through the searing pain of grief. I know that he would understand why on those days, I can do nothing but exist and miss him terribly. But on the days when I find myself coping a little better, smiling even, I think of him always, and know that he would be so very proud that I’m still here. Sending love to anyone who needs it ❤️x

Posted by MrsG at 2022-06-16 13:43:54 UTC