Hi! I lost my dad on May 10th, and I’ve been having a hard time. It was very sudden but not? He’s been in pretty bad health for 3ish years now. Recurring osteomyelitis, in and out of the hospital, multiple phone calls from doctors telling me “this is it come say what you need to say” and then he would bounce back to being great. Well he got put on hospice in June of 2021 mostly for pain management because he was having severe nerve and bone pain from the previous osteomyelitis but also because the antibiotics for the osteomyelitis weren’t working like they used to. And this past year was a rollercoaster in its own with his health, and everything. On top of the fact that he lives almost 7 hours away from me. So in April of this year they took him off hospice and said “he’s not dying anytime soon so theirs no need for him to be on hospice” so that was nice. We were supposed to go down to visit Memorial Day weekend because that’s when my 6 year olds last day of school was and we hadn’t been down since Christmas. Well he passed away May 10th almost out of no where, was doing great was out fishing with a friend and they think he went septic because his blood pressure and oxygen dropped. So I’m having a hard time because I feel like I should have been prepared but I wasn’t and it just sucks. And I keep hearing people say “Atleast you kind of knew it was coming” or “he’s not hurting so that’s good” and “don’t be sad he’s doing better” but all of those suck and are the worst things to say. He was 51, I’m 28 and my kids are 6&4 and the 6 year old is also struggling. Plus I’m pregnant and it’ll be the first time he would have seen me pregnant and now he never has. And I’ve already been struggling with the pregnancy, it wasn’t planned or wanted and I already have major depressive disorder so life is really hard right now. My husband tries his best but I’m hoping this group can help.

Posted by ash9472 at 2022-06-16 02:51:54 UTC