Hello everyone. Found this community through Instagram and decided to download the app. I lost my dad to cancer this past Feb, 2 days before his 65th birthday. He had a short, but mighty fight- 6 months from diagnosis to death. I still don’t really have the words to communicate how I’m feeling, but I do know that I am struggling. When I talk about him, think about him, etc, I get tearful. I cry. Additionally, I found out I was pregnant on my dad’s birthday, 2 days after he passed. So extremely bittersweet. So many emotions. With Father’s Day right around the concern, my grief is heavy and im feeling anxious…. And angry. I don’t want to see people celebrating dads, posting about dads, etc… I want my dad to be here :( Anyways, if you are struggling with Father’s Day approaching, I see you. I feel it. I can relate. You are not alone.

Posted by hgn32 at 2022-06-16 00:30:43 UTC