Hello. I apologize I’m not here a lot. End of May, I was hospitalized for a week due to intense grief and severe meltdowns (Autistic). My Dad birthday would have been May 23. He would have been 74 years old. On his birthday this year, we settled out of court against the former assisted living facility that failed to him properly care for him. Dad spent three weeks in the hospital last January 2021 and three weeks in hospice care in a new facility that treated him with much more respect and dignity. Dad was the happiest and most relaxed during the last weeks of his life. The former assisted living waited until the very last minute to contact us, by then it was too late. (I’m leaving a lot out due to it’s still difficult for me to talk about it explicitly) I crumpled down (think of how the cookies crumbled in your hands) on May 25. My twin sister (older by a few minutes) was concerned for me. I’ve been doing much better though today I have been feeling sad and missing my Dad very much. My Dad and I were close and a lot a like in our personality and had same interest. I love bridges. My dad was a project civil engineer for the state we live in - bridges and roadways. I was looking up different type of bridges around the world and saved them to show my Dad later. I forgot he can’t see them. I didn’t cry , I deleted the photos. I know crying is good and safe. I just have hard time with emotions. Okay, May you let me know if I need to content warning or anything. I do not want to upset our community here.. Okay. Thank you. May I share a photo of my Dad here? Okay, sending you all 💞💞💞 Sara and Rufus 🐾🐕‍🦺 the service dog post

Posted by Sara and Rufus at 2022-06-15 21:28:37 UTC